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I am not kidding around

Well. It’s hard to know where to start. I’m tempted to jump right in, to say that you should hurry up and put a pot on the stove and make the pasta recipe below and let’s get back to business, shall we?, but that doesn’t seem right. First, I need to thank you. I had no idea that Delancey would swallow me up like that, and I need to thank you for being so patient, so supportive, so good to me. This restaurant is up and running today because of you. I am not kidding around about that.

I am also not kidding around when I say this: I’m ready to get back to writing. I can’t imagine not having worked at Delancey, not having worked alongside Brandon, not having put my whole self into it, especially in the beginning, but I miss writing. I wish I could do both, but as you can see by my long silence here, it doesn’t seem to work that way. Anyway, as personality types go, I am not a restaurant cook. When I’m working the line and get a dozen orders at once, I do not experience an adrenaline rush. I experience an urge to run, screaming, out the front door of the restaurant and into the street. I can hack it, but I am not wired to love it. Of course, when I’m writing, I also occasionally get an urge to throw myself into traffic, but the difference is that I love it anyway. It’s what I’m supposed to do. It’s why I am sitting here, typing this paragraph. It’s also why, as of next week, I will no longer be working a regular shift in the kitchen at Delancey. I leave my station in the very capable hands of this lady and this lady. I’ll still be there a lot of the time, doing errand-running / spot-cleaning / pinch-hitting / payroll-calculating / menu-shaping / proud co-owner duties, but mainly, I’ll be writing. If I were the squealing type, I would totally be squealing right now.

So, you know, blah blah blah, let’s get back to business, shall we? I strongly suggest that you make this stuff.

I wish I had remembered to grate some Parmesan on top before I took that picture, but that’s what I get for waiting to cook until I was wickedly hungry and then trying to mix starvation with food photography. Then, as luck would have it, when I did finally grate some cheese on top, I forgot to disable the automatic flash before pushing the shutter button. I hope you like your pasta with a side of glare. Delicious.

What you see above is the quintessential pasta dish of the Romagna part of Emilia-Romagna, tagliatelle alla Romagnola. Only I made it with penne rigate instead of tagliatelle. Either way, the basic concept is this: noodles, butter, prosciutto, and Parmigiano-Reggiano. Noodles, butter, prosciutto, Parmigiano-Reggiano. It rolls off the tongue like a song, doesn’t it? I’ve been singing that one a lot lately.

I know that the days after Thanksgiving aren’t generally a time when most people want to think about butterfat, pork, and pasta, but tuck this recipe away, because you’re going to want it someday. It’s quick and pantry-friendly, and at the end of a winter day, when you’re tired and cold, it’s going to be your dinner in shining armor. If you were one of those kids who grew up on noodles with butter, or noodles with butter and Parmesan, you’re going to go kind of nuts for this. It’s what a security blanket might taste like, if you’re the type of person who eats blankets. Or, if you’re a fan of spaghetti alla carbonara, consider this its cousin, with prosciutto instead of guanciale, Parmesan instead of Pecorino, and no egg. The best part is that I learned about it from a book edited by none other than our very own Luisa Weiss! The book is Giuliano Hazan’s Thirty Minute Pasta, written by the son of the great Marcella Hazan. If a pedigree like that doesn’t make you want to put a pot of water on the stove, it is a dark day.

Here’s the idea. You buy a thick slice of prosciutto. You cut it into short, narrow strips. You put a decent pat of butter in a skillet. When the butter melts, you cook the prosciutto for a minute or two, just until its raw pink color gives way to something closer to mauve, an unusually appealing take on mauve, and the general vicinity smells like bacon, minus the smoke. It smells fantastic. Meanwhile, you boil some pasta. When the pasta is ready, you drain it and quickly dump it into the skillet. Grate some Parmesan over the whole thing, and stir and toss it with a couple of spoons. The warm butter that coated the pan now coats the noodles, and the prosciutto gets mixed up in there too, a little salty, deeply savory, rough and rustic, heady, hearty, comfortable. It’s beautiful in the way that old ladies in Italy are beautiful. You’re going to like it.

Some quick housekeeping:

- For those of you who, so long ago now, were interested in the light fixtures at Delancey, where we got them and/or how they were made, here’s a link to our designers’ website. (Once you’re there, click on WHAT WE DO.) They custom-designed the lights. They’re so good.

- I am thrilled and honored to be a part of the simply photo pop up shop, hosted by Jen Causey. I have two images in the shop: this one and this one. Jen has generously offered a 10% discount - good for any item in the shop - to readers of this blog, so jump on over, support independent artists, and be sure to type the discount code ORANGETTE at checkout.

Pasta with Fried Prosciutto, Parmesan, and Butter
Adapted from Giuliano Hazan’s Thirty Minute Pasta

I should tell you, before I go any further, that I received this book as a free review copy. That fact has not clouded my judgment, I swear. I receive many review copies that I never write about, and I only mention a recipe here if it’s a keeper. This one is.

The proper title for this dish is tagliatelle alla Romagnola, but since I didn’t use tagliatelle, I’m winging it, title-wise. I hope Mr. Hazan will forgive me. I used penne rigate, which was fine, although I’ll bet it would be even better with a long noodle – dried egg tagliatelle, ideally. I have written the recipe below for one serving, because I usually make it when I’m working at home alone and in need of a quick meal, but the recipe scales up very easily. The original recipe, as Mr. Hazan wrote it, serves four and uses four ounces of prosciutto, 4 four tablespoons of butter, and so on.

1 oz. prosciutto, sliced 1/8 inch thick
1 Tbsp. unsalted butter
Kosher salt
About 3 ounces dried pasta, preferably egg tagliatelle
Freshly grated Parmigiano-Reggiano

Fill a deep pot with water for the pasta. Salt the water well. Place over high heat, and bring to a boil.

Cut the prosciutto into narrow strips – about ¼ to ½ inch wide – and then cut the strips into short segments, each about 1 inch long. Warm the butter in a 10-inch skillet over medium heat. When the butter has melted, add the prosciutto, and season with a tiny pinch of kosher salt. Cook until the prosciutto has lost its raw color, but not long enough for it to brown, about 1 to 2 minutes. Remove from the heat.

When the water boils, cook the pasta until it is al dente. Drain it – but not too thoroughly; you want the noodles to still be coated with some moisture – and turn it into the skillet with the prosciutto. Toss. Grate a little Parmigiano-Reggiano on top, and toss again. Serve immediately, with more Parmigiano-Reggiano to taste.

Yield: 1 serving


Blogger Megan Gordon said...

What great news, Molly: 1) That you're back, so to speak and 2) that you've found some solid gals to help out in the kitchen...giddy when I discovered you had a new post up today.

12:08 AM, November 30, 2009  
Anonymous Kimberley said...

Go Molly. I feel like I've just struck gold, coming upon this brand-spanking-new entry. Can't wait to see what unfolds now that you've come up for air.

12:13 AM, November 30, 2009  
Blogger kickpleat said...

Squeal with delight because I almost did when I saw a brand new beautiful post here! And this simple pasta? I'll be trying it out soon. It seems like it would be so perfect for the season - mauve compliments the greyscale of the sky so well!

12:15 AM, November 30, 2009  
Blogger Julz of the World said...

Hello, I've been amused by your reactions to life as a small restaurant owner. I am a refugee from that world, 20 years of joy and madness, in fact, first cooking then supervising 100's of plates per day of what used to be Seattle's best breakfasts and other delights. Congratulations on stepping away from the line (I sucked at line-cooking!) so that you can contribute your creativity with a better perspective. It's such a tough business but it sounds like you two are doing great. My very best advice is try to buy your own building. Hugs, Julia

12:18 AM, November 30, 2009  
OpenID maybenextweek said...

Hurrah! It's great to have you back Molly and wonderful that you feel good with how things are in the kitchen and that you're coming back to what you love. I can't wait to read more!

12:20 AM, November 30, 2009  
Blogger Our Gang said...

Yeah! your back! I missed you! I live in Tacoma and will someday get up there to try Delancy..

12:20 AM, November 30, 2009  
Blogger Michelle said...

I'm glad you're back. And I'm super glad you've shared this recipe - looks like something we'd love here!

12:41 AM, November 30, 2009  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Molly! I nearly accosted you at Boat Street today to tell you that I'm not sure I could get through the holidays without a post from you, and here it is! I'm glad I let you enjoy brunch in peace, and welcome back!

12:45 AM, November 30, 2009  
Blogger Pip Lincolne said...

Yippee! There you are! Hurrah! Maybe there will be a bit of straddling both, for a while? Maybe? Or maybe not? Either way, I am so pleased to see you! Whatever you do is totally fine with me! So pleased to read a bit of Molly tonight, in Melbourne! x

12:45 AM, November 30, 2009  
Anonymous D. @ Outside Oslo said...

A big congratulations to you for figuring out where you belong. And a big high-five for being such a supportive wife to Brandon in this endeavor. You've put your heart into Delancey, and the two of you have created a wonderful place.

12:46 AM, November 30, 2009  
Blogger kristina - no penny for them said...

i am truly happy for you! i honestly think i can imagine how you must feel about this new turn of the road. hooray!

lovely dish too. i'm so glad you're back.

12:46 AM, November 30, 2009  
Anonymous ladyironchef said...

welcome back! i have been clicking on yr blog everyday to see if there's a new entry. I reckon we will see more of you now that the two ladies are helping out :D

12:55 AM, November 30, 2009  
Anonymous Koek! said...

Oh my - that pasta recipe sounds like heaven... Glad you're back. You left to start your restaurant just after I'd discovered your blog!

1:09 AM, November 30, 2009  
Blogger Emmy said...

Very pleased to see you back Molly, and so delighted to see your words in the last edition of O magazine.

1:49 AM, November 30, 2009  
Anonymous The Purple Foodie said...

So, so happy that you're back, Molly! Hopping over to the blog of your chefs now.

2:44 AM, November 30, 2009  
Blogger Rose said...

I arrived as a subscriber when you hit Delancey, I'm delighted that you will be writing again and delighted that all is working out for you.

I manage a small business too, so I know something of which you speak.

Rose in Oz

2:54 AM, November 30, 2009  
Anonymous Ailsa said...

So you'll be getting back to your first love, and there'll be more posts for us to read - everyone's a winner!

Great recipe - like carbonara, but you're not left with troublesome egg whites that need using up...

2:55 AM, November 30, 2009  
Blogger Claire Mauksch said...

I'm so glad you'll be writing again; I've missed reading :)

2:56 AM, November 30, 2009  
Blogger Sunday Cook said...

Welcome back. My hubby and I are planning a restaurant, and you and Brandon have been inspiring. Congratulations on getting yourself back off the line and onto your writing desk.

3:17 AM, November 30, 2009  
Anonymous skirmishofwit said...

I am so glad you are back! I had only recently discovered your blog before you went quiet. In the mean time though, I have read A Homemade Life (wonderful!) and gone through your archives which has been a lot of fun. That pasta looks delicious - I'm really tempted to make it for my supper tonight!

3:22 AM, November 30, 2009  
Blogger Bellini Valli said...

I know I am not designed to be a chef in a restaurant either and still at my age haven't decided what to do when I grow up, but so glad you are back to writing, photograpy and being a kindred spirit.

3:25 AM, November 30, 2009  
Blogger Vanessa said...

It's so good to have you back. I've been reading your stunning blog for quite a while but have never left a comment. Your writing reminds me of everything that I love about food and also about life. You inspire me so much so thanks to you! This recipe is pure heaven and the photos are amazing.

3:25 AM, November 30, 2009  
Blogger Adrienne said...

Welcome back! I'm so glad you've found some capable hands to help out at Delancey :)

3:45 AM, November 30, 2009  
Blogger Romaine said...

I had not been reading you long when you got sucked away. Nice to have you back. Love your writing. I agree that it is your thing. Hope all goes well with your new plan. I've done the working with husband in his business thing. Can be very challenging in many ways. :-)

4:01 AM, November 30, 2009  
Anonymous erica said...

Welcome back! restaurant life isn't all its cracked up to be. I will be glad to enjoy your regular posts again! Now its back to work I go....

4:39 AM, November 30, 2009  
Blogger Liza said...

There will be lots of squeals this morning when fans turn on their computers and find that you are back. Welcome home to your writing world.

4:46 AM, November 30, 2009  
Anonymous Gretchen said...

Great recipe. And I can never have enough 4 ingredient recipes. They are the best. Thanks Molly!

4:54 AM, November 30, 2009  
Blogger MsKitty said...

SO nice to have you back! Wonderful that the restaurant is doing well but well, I've really missed you here. Can't wait to try this pasta.

5:07 AM, November 30, 2009  
Blogger la ninja said...

happy to "read" from you again.
hooray. hooray.

5:08 AM, November 30, 2009  
Blogger Barbara Campbell Thomas said...

Oh yes!!! So glad to read your words hear again! Thank you!

5:11 AM, November 30, 2009  
Blogger tara said...

Welcome, welcome back. You and your words were missed, and I'd not realized just how much until now. Congratulations on the success at Delancey!

5:11 AM, November 30, 2009  
Anonymous Emily said...

Welcome Back! I was actually getting worried (a bit crazy, I know). I was definitely a butter and noodles kid, and I'm having this pasta tonight!

5:16 AM, November 30, 2009  
Blogger Sarah said...

Oh yum - how lovely to have you back. I managed to fit in a strip to Delancey during my Seattle trip last month and the food was delicious - great work to you all.

5:26 AM, November 30, 2009  
Anonymous Unplanned Cooking said...

I'm thrilled you're writing again! Welcome back.

5:44 AM, November 30, 2009  
Blogger The Yellow Door Paperie said...

I am so glad you're back. You've been missed.

Wonderful, pasta recipe (:

5:45 AM, November 30, 2009  
Blogger Mama JJ said...

Welcome back! I, for one, am thrilled you're writing again.

5:47 AM, November 30, 2009  
Anonymous Kylie of Thin Crust Deep Dish said...

I am so glad you're back. Yay, oh yay! Of all the wonderful food blogs I read, your writing voice makes me feel the most at home. You're writing is so simple, and funny, and endearing. I just can't say enough. Welcome back.

5:50 AM, November 30, 2009  
Blogger Chef Murph said...

OH! It's terrific to see you writing again, I did so miss reading your posts. The pasta dish looks divine as well.

I'm hoping to come over from Victoria to visit this delightful Delancy in December!

5:54 AM, November 30, 2009  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am so thrilled to hear from you again. Your posts always make me yearn for simple comfort food from home while I am living here in Hong Kong.

5:57 AM, November 30, 2009  
Blogger Sonya --Dime Store Thrift said...

You are BACK Baby! I rubbed my eyes and then squealed with delight when I saw you had posted. Hurray!!

6:04 AM, November 30, 2009  
Blogger Fern said...

Molly! It's you!

So glad to hear your voice again.

And so glad you are coming up for air and getting back to your life and dreams.

6:13 AM, November 30, 2009  
Anonymous sonya said...

welcome home.

6:22 AM, November 30, 2009  
Blogger Grapefruit said...

Anytime, post-Thanksgiving or not, is a perfect time for pork fat, butter and pasta!

Glad you're back!

6:35 AM, November 30, 2009  
Blogger Alejandra said...

Aww you're back! I missed you. And this pasta sounds like a wonderful way to come back. I might go make it now actually. It's 9:30 AM but my sleep schedule has been all screwy this weekend so I think that would make a fine breakfast.

6:40 AM, November 30, 2009  
Anonymous Sharmila said...

Yay! You're back! With your sense of humour as sharp as ever! Checking out the pop up shop as I write this. I'm not part of the noodles with butter clan, but I have to say I'm tempted! Welcome back Molly! Missed you.

6:41 AM, November 30, 2009  
Blogger Erin said...

Good to see you back! This recipe looks delicious.

6:43 AM, November 30, 2009  
Blogger Ellen said...

welcome back, Molly!

6:44 AM, November 30, 2009  
Blogger Debjani said...

Happy to have you back! And thank you thank you thank you for posting a 1 person recipes. It´s hard to find something yummy for someone living alone that can doesn´t take much effort after a long day at work.

6:53 AM, November 30, 2009  
Anonymous Still Life in South America said...

Great news, Molly! I am happy for the success of your restaurant, but I am also very content to read more of your lovely writing! I have been reading your blog since 2005 and am thrilled at all of the twists in your narrative. ;-)

6:55 AM, November 30, 2009  
Blogger hannah said...

i'll eat this security blanket in a heartbeat, only i'll add a generous crank of pepper.

ps. hi you. i'm glad you're writing. i know david isn't fully right unless he's writing, and i suspect it's the same for you lady. welcome back.

6:58 AM, November 30, 2009  
Blogger The Single Gal said...

I've been clicking on your site every week or so with baited breath.. and today it paid off! So glad to "hear" your voice again - welcome back. You've been missed.

I'm a huge carbonara fan so I will promptly stock up on prosciutto to try this...

6:58 AM, November 30, 2009  
Anonymous Katie said...

I'm so glad you're back. And that you'll stay back. I'm normally a silent fan, but I just needed to say Hooray!

7:00 AM, November 30, 2009  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yay! You're back. I've checked here daily since 10/20. Your writing is addictive and irresistible like a warm chocolate chip cookie. It's great to hear all your news. =)

7:04 AM, November 30, 2009  
Blogger Sally said...

YAY! You're back! Looks like a great recipe too. We've missed you!

7:06 AM, November 30, 2009  
Blogger abru said...

What a wonderful way to start a Monday. I check every day for a new post. I'm so happy that the restaurant is going well and that you want to get back to writing. We miss you!

7:08 AM, November 30, 2009  
Blogger Kate at Serendipity said...

That pasta is my favorite kind of food--a few good ingredients treated well. What's not to love? Thanks for posting this.

7:17 AM, November 30, 2009  
Blogger Cooking with Michele said...

I take people on culinary adventures to Italy - we're heading to Roma and Apulia in April and I can't wait to get my favorite Roman pasta dishes (which never taste quite as good at home). Welcome back to the blogosphere!

7:17 AM, November 30, 2009  
Anonymous Sandy said...

Welcome back. I personally can't imagine working in a restaurant, so understand that it is not your passion. I'm glad writing *is* your passion.

7:17 AM, November 30, 2009  
Blogger Paul Michael Smith said...

It's good to find out what you are "wired to love" at a fairly early age. Follow that which you love is a plan that seldom disappoints. Glad you're back

7:21 AM, November 30, 2009  
Blogger madeline said...

this new entry is like getting an early Christmas present!

7:24 AM, November 30, 2009  
Anonymous Gale said...

Haven't even read the post. Just am so happy that you're back and wanted to say so immediately. Now, off to read!

7:27 AM, November 30, 2009  
Anonymous Christina H said...

Damn, we've missed YOU! So much that when my friend brought back some hand spun alpaca yarn from peru that I looked at one of the fabulous rustic balls and declared it's color- GREY SALT! My local handmade boutique, Dayshift, now has a crochet handbag made with this lovely fiber. Good to hear from you.

7:27 AM, November 30, 2009  
OpenID katieleigh said...

Welcome back, Molly - and thanks for the yummy recipe!

7:29 AM, November 30, 2009  
Anonymous Sri said...

Hi Molly,
This is the second time I have come to your blog. I read your story and how you have come to where you are. Congratulations is the word that comes out instantly.

This pasta dish sounds very inviting, especially for my daughter, and I think substituting the prosciutto with sun dried tomatoes wouldnt be such a bad idea for vegetarians.

7:32 AM, November 30, 2009  
Blogger SaintTigerlily said...

Hooray!! You are back!

7:36 AM, November 30, 2009  
Blogger Snap said...

Welcome back! You were missed!

7:37 AM, November 30, 2009  
Anonymous Jen said...

You may not be squealing, Molly, but I am.... and a lot of your other readers are as well.

7:48 AM, November 30, 2009  
Anonymous Stephanie said...

Welcome back! This looks like a great simple/delicious recipe for a chef's back pocket during the hectic holiday season.

7:53 AM, November 30, 2009  
Anonymous michaela said...

this recipe sounds like a keeper. heading to olaiya's class at delancey tonight.

7:55 AM, November 30, 2009  
Blogger Ivy said...

Oh, this looks wonderful. Thank you for sharing and so glad you're back!

7:57 AM, November 30, 2009  
Anonymous mon ami said...

welcome back! I've loved hearing your Delancey adventures but I am selfishly happy you are returning to writing (at least for now)


7:57 AM, November 30, 2009  
Blogger Josefina said...

Welcome back Molly! We've missed you. Can't wait to read all the things you plan to tell us about! Cheers!

8:30 AM, November 30, 2009  
Blogger kgr said...

Ahhhh!! I haven't even read your post but I was scrolling through Twitter and saw you twitted Finally and I knew there was a new post. Huzzah! Hurrah! Now off to read it.

8:31 AM, November 30, 2009  
Anonymous linda said...

Another Thanksgiving blessing-you're writing again. So glad you are back and doing what your heart tells you.

8:35 AM, November 30, 2009  
Blogger Aimee said...

I was so excited to see a new post from you! and this pasta looks delicious.

8:36 AM, November 30, 2009  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Molly,
So happy that you found your way back to writing and us -- I've missed your posts and recipes so much! Marcella Hazan is my favorite cookbook author -- I learned to cook and love Italian food from her books. Can't wait to see her son's cookbook!

8:37 AM, November 30, 2009  
Anonymous jules said...

Welcome back! I almost became the squealing type myself when I saw you had added a new post.

8:43 AM, November 30, 2009  
Blogger Adriana said...

You don't know me, but I've been reading ever since you started (you turned me onto cooking at age 14! Most 14 year olds are incredibly stupid and unfocused, but thanks to the art of cooking and baking, not me!), so thanks so much. I'm glad you've found your balance, and I look forward to more yummy posts in the future!

8:46 AM, November 30, 2009  
Anonymous margie said...

Welcome back, Molly! The Bon Appetit articles don't make us miss you any less.

Noodles are the best comfort food, aren't they? I think I drive my boyfriend crazy with all my pasta, but I never tire of it.

I hope you had a happy and safe Thanksgiving, and congratulations on getting the extra help at Delancey.

8:46 AM, November 30, 2009  
OpenID merp said...

Congratulations on the change of pace! So glad to have you back.

8:54 AM, November 30, 2009  
Anonymous DC Sarah said...

Oh HURRAH welcome back!!!! sitting on the couch, skipping work to finish up grad school projects, and was utterly DELIGHTED to see you've returned. :)

8:57 AM, November 30, 2009  
Blogger SB in SB said...

Yay! So glad you are back. I know you must have felt very pulled but like you said writing is what you're meant to do (and how lucky for us!). I can see how glad you are though to have helped incubate Delancy. I think some things are worth doing/building together. Plus, you may never have seen Brandon otherwise. :-) Hope things continue to go well for the restaurant and your writing. Enjoy the holidays!

8:59 AM, November 30, 2009  
Blogger Luisa said...

Yippee! A post from you! And a recipe from Giuliano, no less! Happy Thanksgiving, sweetness! xo

9:14 AM, November 30, 2009  
Anonymous Rachel said...

Hooray! Welcome back.
Aftet the 5 lbs of butter that went into a week's worth of pies, I will do as you say and tuck this away for a rainy day in January, though it sounds gooood.

9:19 AM, November 30, 2009  
Blogger Cirilia said...

My friend Katie R. is lucky to be working at Delancy! My long distance Seattle based fellow recently sent me a picture of the restaurant, it looks beautiful. He reports that the pizza is simple, fresh, and "done right." Can't wait to visit!

9:29 AM, November 30, 2009  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I was at Andrew Weissman's Il Sogno Osteria in San Antonio last night and they had a huge stunning LED based green wine bottle chandelier in the center of their space designed by Lake/Flato architects. The LED's were stuffed inside the wine bottles that made
different light patterns in every bottle -- very cool.

9:29 AM, November 30, 2009  
Blogger teryll said...

Totally missed you, but glad to have you back! Kudos on the photos and this pasta recipe sounds divine.

9:37 AM, November 30, 2009  
Anonymous Amanda Nicole said...

I am so glad you're back! And just in time for prime baking season :)

9:45 AM, November 30, 2009  
Anonymous Rosie DeQuattro said...

Restaurant work has got to be some of the most physically demanding work there is. Keeping up with a blog is a lot, too! I think you made a good decision to step away from Delancy and focus more on writing. Thanks for the recipe!

9:58 AM, November 30, 2009  
Blogger flannery_therese said...

Molly, I'm so glad you are going to be writing again (both for your sake and ours!) - I have missed your blogs and your recipes! I made a couple this weekend (cream-braised brussels sprouts, sweet-potato biscuits and your cranberry chutney) and they were the absolute stars of our thanksgiving table! I was quite popular with my family after that meal, and I have only you to thank for that! I'm already planning which of your recipes to make a part of our Christmas!

10:07 AM, November 30, 2009  
Blogger Cheriepicked said...

Congrats on getting out of the kitchen and back into your writing...that has to be a relief.
Its going to be fantastic to have you posting more.
Best to you Molly and thanks again for taking the time for an interview- it was such a pleasure and I've gotten really lovely responses on the site. You have quite the fan base dear.


10:08 AM, November 30, 2009  
Anonymous Mel H said...

Hip, hip, hooray! So happy you're back to writing Molly. I've missed your posts. Look forward to many more.

10:11 AM, November 30, 2009  
Blogger Lonely Foodie said...

Oh my. So, so glad you're back. We missed you. Glad to hear that Delancey is up and running and that you can now get back to your heart's work. :)

I am the squealing type and that's what I did when I saw that you'd posted.

*sigh* of contentment

10:17 AM, November 30, 2009  
Anonymous Karen said...

We've missed you, Molly! I can't tell you how many times I've clicked on my Orangette link, keeping my fingers crossed to see a new entry! Welcome back!

10:25 AM, November 30, 2009  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh hooray!!! I have been checking this daily for the past month, and am so glad to have you back. Figuring out what you can do and what you love are constant practices, and I am glad that you love writing. We all love your writing (and your cooking) too!

10:36 AM, November 30, 2009  
Anonymous Sydny said...

Welcome back, Molly.

10:46 AM, November 30, 2009  
Blogger msheehy12 said...

YAY! You're back :-)
Can't wait to try out the new recipe...

11:02 AM, November 30, 2009  
Anonymous rachel said...

I feel the exact same way about writing - even when it makes me want to stick my head in the oven, I love it more than almost anything.

It's nice to read a new post today - I'll be giving a presentation on le blogging gastronomique for one of my French classes (based on my term paper) and yours is one of the 3 blogs I'm using as an example. Welcome back!

11:06 AM, November 30, 2009  
Blogger Alyssa said...

Looks like I found you just in time for your comeback!

I found your blog while I was searching for a light-but-autumn-y soup to make for my boyfriend's family for Thanksgiving, and I chose your Butternut Squash-Apple soup (which was a hit, by the way). Thanks!

Looking forward to reading more!

11:06 AM, November 30, 2009  
Blogger D. said...

So excited to see this post- and don't worry- I'm a squealer and I am doing just that!

11:12 AM, November 30, 2009  
Blogger Eva said...

Molly! I've been waiting with bated breath, and now I'm reading with rumbling stomach! You can't know how excited I was when I (dutifuly) checked your site to see if there was anything new today and saw this recipe. It sounds wonderful and I'm so happy that you'll be writing more!

11:12 AM, November 30, 2009  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Welcome back!

11:27 AM, November 30, 2009  
Blogger turtle and dragon said...

I have so missed your presence here, welcome back!!! This recipe sounds divine. So glad Delancey is doing so well. Enjoy your writing, I know I will. Oh, I have been enjoying your magazine column, too!

11:34 AM, November 30, 2009  
Blogger Amélie said...

Welcome back! I'm so happy I'll be able to read your posts more often now. Congratulations again on your success with the restaurant.

11:39 AM, November 30, 2009  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


So glad you're back!!

-longtime reader

11:41 AM, November 30, 2009  
Blogger jen said...

I totally understand the panic feeling of getting orders--or I would have if I had not become a pastry chef! I knew I could only handle the do-ahead job of a chef. And now I'm not even doing that! I hope Brandon is enjoying his adrenaline with a side of exhaustion, however. Some people are made for it.

11:44 AM, November 30, 2009  
Blogger jenandboys said...

I'm so glad you're back Molly! I've kept you faithfully in my Google Reader and I was delighted when I saw a new entry today! And doubly excited when it sounded like there would soon be more, too! I'm glad to hear you've found someone to help out at Delancey, and I'm looking forward to reading more of your writing.

11:46 AM, November 30, 2009  
Anonymous Stacy said...

Oh, Happy Day - Orangette is back! All seems right with the world. Welcome back, Molly, and good luck!

11:52 AM, November 30, 2009  
Anonymous Dawn said...

Molly, I *love* Giuliano's (and Marcella's) books. I have all of them, and have been having fun with this new book. I will have to try this recipe! Did you know that Eric and I took cooking classes from Giuliano for our honeymoon? :)

11:58 AM, November 30, 2009  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

So glad you're back, Molly. I really love your book!

12:00 PM, November 30, 2009  
Blogger Vivian said...

Welcome back!

12:00 PM, November 30, 2009  
Blogger christie said...

So glad you're back! I was starting to worry. :) This pasta looks absolutely amazing!

12:02 PM, November 30, 2009  
Anonymous KT said...

Welcome back! It's great to hear that you've found a way to keep both Delancy and the blog going, and I look forward to reading your future posts -- as well as making that pasta. Yum :)

12:08 PM, November 30, 2009  
Anonymous Giuliano Hazan said...

I'm thrilled you liked my recipe and honored to be mentioned on your blog. Thank you!

12:15 PM, November 30, 2009  
Blogger Jenious said...

Welcome back to your kitchen, Molly. The blogosphere hasn’t been the same without your voice and recipes. Cheers!

12:25 PM, November 30, 2009  
Anonymous justcorbly said...

"I do not experience an adrenaline rush. I experience an urge to run, screaming, out the front door of the restaurant and into the street."

Sounds like a perfectly reasonable reaction...

Welcome back.

12:26 PM, November 30, 2009  
Blogger Sue said...

I have been wondering where you do your shopping at...

12:58 PM, November 30, 2009  
Blogger Justyna Katarzyna said...

I'm so glad you're back! Bentoranta! :)

1:00 PM, November 30, 2009  
Blogger jb said...

welcome back!

1:19 PM, November 30, 2009  
Anonymous The Leftoverist said...

Welcome back! This recipe (and others like it) is one of the reasons we all stick around, no matter if you're here or not. Simple, comforting, but a little bit poetic.

1:43 PM, November 30, 2009  
Blogger Ann said...

you are my food blogger in shining armor!

1:58 PM, November 30, 2009  
Blogger Cheryl Arkison said...

Welcome back! We'll take you any way you want to share with us.

2:09 PM, November 30, 2009  
Blogger Catherine said...

I have missed you. Your warm and inviting writing style feels like you are reading a letter from a good friend.

2:12 PM, November 30, 2009  
Blogger Mardi @eatlivetravelwrite said...

Welcome back Molly - so great that you have some help in the kitchen. You sound much more, I don't know, "grounded" and settled. What a lovely recipe too!

2:12 PM, November 30, 2009  
Anonymous Nurit said...

Wow, you sure do love that pasta :) very comcincing.
And I love this line "when I’m writing, I also occasionally get an urge to throw myself into traffic", I think I'll adopt it. If you don't mind.

2:41 PM, November 30, 2009  
Anonymous Hallie said...

Oh Molly, I'm so glad you're back writing again. What a pleasure to read your words. I just finished your book and loved every minute of it. My mom's birthday is coming up and I'm going to make her the Winning Hearts and Minds Cake.

Keep cooking, keeping writing!

2:49 PM, November 30, 2009  
Blogger Anna said...

So glad you are back! I'm rereading your book, and getting ready to try more of your recipes, so its great to read your words, here as well!

3:18 PM, November 30, 2009  
Blogger WinnM said...

Good to see you back, Molly! I'm looking forward to reading more of your posts. I have to try this pasta recipe. That is, once I stop making Red Cabbage Salad. I'm hooked!

3:29 PM, November 30, 2009  
Anonymous Angela said...

Great to have you back Molly ! Can't wait to read more of your delicious post

4:17 PM, November 30, 2009  
Anonymous Janine at Rustic Kitchen said...

Welcome back, Molly. Great to see you here.

4:35 PM, November 30, 2009  
Anonymous indigo said...

Welcome back! So happy to see this post :)

Can't resist chiming in w/ some unsolicited advice, though, as a former bookkeeper: hire a payroll company to do the payroll!

4:41 PM, November 30, 2009  
Blogger Jill said...

Welcome back, Molly! I have missed reading you and your yummy recipes!

4:51 PM, November 30, 2009  
Blogger Jen Oliver said...

really good to see a new post--with a new recipe, to boot! i know how you feel about the writing...for better or for worse, it's just "what you're supposed to do". keep it up; we've obviously missed you :)

5:14 PM, November 30, 2009  
Anonymous Nicole (Cooking After Five) said...

I just got home from work and was deciding what to make for dinner when I checked my RSS feed -- problem solved! I bought proscuitto on a whim this past Sunday and clearly it was meant for this pasta.

5:32 PM, November 30, 2009  
Blogger gwen said...

welcome back! you know the theme song from welcome back carter? well that's streaming through my head right now. very excited for you!! (and for me! my stomach is doing a dance of excitement....)

5:44 PM, November 30, 2009  
Anonymous Jan (Mixing Bowl Kids) said...

Hooray, you're back! I'm so happy you've decided to write again.

5:54 PM, November 30, 2009  
Blogger Linda said...

i checked everyday in hopes of finding a new post!
glad you are happy & will not have to work the line every day...you go girl!
all the best & we all look forward to your written words!
welcome home!!

6:00 PM, November 30, 2009  
Blogger Andrea said...

Well, I can imagine it's a little overwhelming reading all these comments, but I'm going to add to it nonetheless. So nice to see you back here and writing again. I can imagine the feeling of relief to get back to that thing you love doing! Hurray for you!

6:05 PM, November 30, 2009  
Blogger Susan said...

So glad you're back.

6:07 PM, November 30, 2009  
Anonymous Trish said...

I know what you mean by being able to hack it but not being wired to love it. It's inspiring to see you back where the love is!

6:22 PM, November 30, 2009  
Anonymous Anna (londonfoodieny) said...

Welcome home. We've missed you. :)

6:45 PM, November 30, 2009  
Anonymous Gary from WV said...

Glad to have you back in blog-world. While you were gone I re-scanned the recipes in "A Homemade Life". Also - I made your great-grandfather's egg nog last Christmas! I did use a cooked base, though. My friends flipped out. More on the way this year, you can bet on that!

6:53 PM, November 30, 2009  
Blogger Emily said...

Oh, I've missed you, as we all have. And it's so nice to feel less stalker-ish now that there is a new entry up, instead of me clicking listessly on the homepage, willing an update to appear. ;)

7:16 PM, November 30, 2009  
Blogger whitney said...

welcome back!

p.s. made hoosier pie from your book for our family's thanksgiving dinner...total hit. like, out of the ball park.

welcome back, again.

7:27 PM, November 30, 2009  
Blogger Alice said...

It's really nice to see you back here, Molly. Just tonight I made the green lentil soup you posted ages ago. It is delicious, as all of your recipes are.

7:29 PM, November 30, 2009  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You are a wise woman! I read your blog, enjoyed your book, and I applaud your decision. I am a midwestern mom who loves food and stories- my daughter lives in New York and has a blogspot, too, called breakfastandbed- I think you two have a lot in common! Keep writing and lending your good energy and joie de vivre to the restaurant- and the occasional shoulder massage for Brandon.
V's Mom

7:31 PM, November 30, 2009  
Blogger Kelsey said...

Welcome back! I love this dish - anything by a Hazan family member is a classic. I have to agree with you regarding restaurant work vs. writing - I'm sure you'll be happy with this new balance. Good for you both for the teamwork it took to get it up and running!

7:39 PM, November 30, 2009  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

yay! she's back! the internets rejoice!

7:54 PM, November 30, 2009  
Blogger eatdrinkonewoman said...

THRILLING! I'm hungry for pancetta.

8:25 PM, November 30, 2009  
Blogger Teri said...

So glad to have you back. But your leave had some rewards. Missed your writing so much I bought your book a couple of days ago. Can't wait for Sunday to make tea, curl up and dig in. Welcome back!

8:34 PM, November 30, 2009  
Blogger Kasey said...

SO excited to have you back, Molly. I hear that Brandi makes some pretty delicious stuff, too.

8:41 PM, November 30, 2009  
Blogger Genevieve said...

Just yesterday I was reading your book (a macaroon CAKE!) and wishing, WISHING you were posting again. I am so thrilled to have you back and am looking forward to finishing your book.

8:43 PM, November 30, 2009  
Blogger Bianca said...

I am a relatively new fan, and I am very happy to have you back. You writing is inspirational and I cannot say enough, how excited I am that you will be returning here! Welcome back:)

8:43 PM, November 30, 2009  
Anonymous Ashley said...

You're back. Hip hip hooray!

8:46 PM, November 30, 2009  
Blogger marie said...

so happy to see you back! ive made your almond torte with sugared apricots twice last week. both were eaten so quick that i didnt even get a photo! i think ill be getting your book for xmas to be honest. and i mostly followed the recipe (just adding a big tbsp of honey and a little less sugar, and lazily using whole raw almonds for the meal) which is rare for me. very good stuff, so thanks.

9:27 PM, November 30, 2009  
Blogger Lynn Zavaro said...

What a FABULOUS writer you are Molly! I eat your WRITING up! Thrilled to hear you are back at it and hope you never have to go long again without it cuz I know how important it is to keep the heart beating... Love, Lynn

11:14 PM, November 30, 2009  
Blogger la takahashi said...

I saved your post like a savory dessert at the end of the evening, and now I am hungry! Can't wait to try this dish with the prosciutto from Seabreeze Farm. I almost bought some last Saturday and now I'll have to wait. Oh well. Glad you are writing again! :o)

11:16 PM, November 30, 2009  
Anonymous michelle said...

So glad you're back! I've missed your beautiful photographs and lovely stories.

11:26 PM, November 30, 2009  
Blogger Reuben Morningchilde said...

Oh welcome back, Molly, you were sorely missed!

12:27 AM, December 01, 2009  
Blogger Marta said...


1:09 AM, December 01, 2009  
Blogger Samie said...


I think I just did a squeal of delight. It's five in the morning here and I'm writing essays for school - there was no better surprise than to check my feed links and see a post from you! Congratulations and cheers to returning to writing-- we've missed you dearly.

The pasta's only my list for lunch as soon as I can get a hold of prosciutto!

xox (Still squealing in delight!)

1:47 AM, December 01, 2009  
Blogger Gemma said...

Welcome back Molly! Great to see you writing again. Gx

3:39 AM, December 01, 2009  
Anonymous Amy said...

Looks like I am not the only one who is THRILLED that you are back Molly! I missed your posts! This recipe looks delicious. I have been rereading your book since I was going through w/d with you away from the blog!

8:01 AM, December 01, 2009  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm squealing right now - well, I would be if I were a squealer but I'm not either. So glad you're back & will have more time to write in the near future! Congrats on everything!

8:35 AM, December 01, 2009  
Anonymous foo said...

Hey, Molly! Just wanted to let you know I made Hoosier pie for Thanksgiving. One of the reasons I made it was because you said it was impossible to screw up and sounded divine. Well, I found a way to screw it up! Set the oven for 275 instead of 375 (beeeeeg duh!). Well, jacked the oven up to 375 for another 15 minutes and kept my eye on it. It still turned out yummy.

8:53 AM, December 01, 2009  
Blogger mich said...

oh i missed this.

10:08 AM, December 01, 2009  
Blogger Shelley said...

I glad you can write while still working at the restaurant! Thanks for coming back to us.

11:28 AM, December 01, 2009  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

So, so happy you'll be writing again. I'm new to Orangette, and you've been an inspiration to start writing my own blog. Enjoy the settling down, I'm sure it'll feel like coming home.

11:42 AM, December 01, 2009  
Blogger Cyn said...

My family loves this dish. We've been making it without a recipe for years. I can't remember who originally gave me the general recipe (not written), but it sure is a keeper. It's great because our kids also like it (so I'm not pressured to make a second dinner for them). For them, we also use penne (sometimes the mini sized kind), and we sometimes add peas so that I don't have to push them to eat a side of vegetables.
Even though the kids like it, it's grown up enough for company.

Congrats on getting the help you need at Delancy, and welcome back.

12:30 PM, December 01, 2009  
Blogger sierra said...

yay! hi hi.

12:33 PM, December 01, 2009  
Blogger Jessica said...

Yipee! You're back! Welcome back from the line...I'm glad you love writing more, but that you had the chance to contribute to Delancy in that very hands on way. Welcome back, welcome back, welcome back...

12:40 PM, December 01, 2009  
Anonymous Laura said...

Hurrah, I only just started reading your blog a couple of months back but I have really missed your writing and lovely recipes. I wish I could visit your restaurant but alas I live in the middle of England. Maybe someday.

1:29 PM, December 01, 2009  
Blogger Joanna said...

Welcome back! I am glad that you have enjoyed supporting Brandon in his new venture and have found your way back to yours.
Happy Cooking! I'm sure we're all excited to see what else life cooks up for you.

1:31 PM, December 01, 2009  
Blogger Diana vW said...

I am so, so happy you are back!
I think of you as a secret friend I visit in the night when sleep eludes me, and who whispers all kinds of innovative ideas in my ear.
You are truly the woman who inspired me to blog and it has changed my life for all good reasons!
Welcome back, dear friend!

1:36 PM, December 01, 2009  
Blogger Megan Troxell said...

My husband is traveling for work in Parma, Italy right now and just sent me a photo of his cure-for-jetlag: pizza. My jealousy has creeped up even more after reading your post. Luckily he stocks us up with good cheese and prosciutto when he travels, so I'll have some in a few days! As for me, I plan on eating dutch cocoa ice cream for dinner tonight!

1:48 PM, December 01, 2009  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Molly - you've no idea the rush I experienced when I saw you were back. Ah! We've missed you. So glad to hear all is well with Delancey; but even more glad to here you're back to your writing. Wonderful! And thank you for this recipe...I cannot wait to try it. Always a pleasure reading your posts.

1:53 PM, December 01, 2009  
Blogger Jess said...

Welcome back, Molly. "I love it anyway" -- I know what you mean. I've been enjoying your work over at habit. Such a great project.

3:20 PM, December 01, 2009  
Anonymous scones4all said...

We tried this recipe tonight -- super fab taste. I used capellini instead of a broad sheet pasta, and we tossed in bright green peas to add a bit of color. Lovely and quick, satisfying as all get out...thanks!

3:49 PM, December 01, 2009  
Blogger sweetcomice said...

May I add my bit of joy here too? So glad you are writing!

Reminds me of working the line at a little French restaurant in Woodinville in the early 1980's, Le Courtyard Restaurant Francaise, owned by Mark Olchezk. We had months long waiting lists and 100 guests a night with only 14 tables. I was the bread and pastry maker and once in a while on a slow night Mark would put me on the line, head sous. Whew! I loved it and hated it at the same time. Love love love the dance. But the stress can kill you. Writing can be stressful too, but the joy in there cannot be matched.

4:13 PM, December 01, 2009  
Blogger Christine said...

Oh geez, 175 comments and counting. Hope you have the time to read them!

But what I wanted to say is YAY I'm so glad your back especially as I thought of you while eating my delicious braised cabbage with delice de bourgogne. (Only change, was before the cheese I pressed some stale bread cubes into the cabbage and ate that as a meal...and holy yum.)

But mostly, so happy you're back to doing what you love.

4:47 PM, December 01, 2009  
Blogger Michelle said...

Glad to see you back, it just so happens, I've been on a bit of a pasta kick, so can't wait to try this one out.

6:03 PM, December 01, 2009  
Anonymous Caitlin said...

Like the 1,000 comments before me, so excited that you are back and writing! You were obviously missed, and I am sure Delancey will soon be feeling much like we were...

6:08 PM, December 01, 2009  
Anonymous Melanie said...

Welcome back. I am excited to hear more. I enjoyed your book and have tried many of the recipes. Looking forward to more.

6:45 PM, December 01, 2009  
Anonymous Crafty Farm Girl said...

I made this tonight. It was absolutely perfect.

7:26 PM, December 01, 2009  
Blogger Victoria said...


Glad you are back and glad all is okay with you.

I was worried!!!!!!

This makes for a happy Thanksgiving for sure.

7:29 PM, December 01, 2009  
Anonymous Kimberly said...

Gosh, I'm so glad you're back! I've been checking and checking, waiting and waiting, and, tonight. . . sweet reward, a new post! Plus, this recipe sounds marvelous. I didn't think I had any more room for decadent, rich food after Thanksgiving, but last night I went to a pasta tasting and proved myself wrong! And I am going to make this recipe of yours, too, because I have a passionate love affair with prosciutto, and have not cooked with it for far too long now. Thanks for an excellent post!

8:49 PM, December 01, 2009  
Anonymous Katy said...

It's so great to have you back! Orangette is my favorite food blog, not only for your delicious recipes, but for your captivating writing as well. You have such talent.

9:12 PM, December 01, 2009  
Blogger Liz said...

"It’s what a security blanket might taste like, if you’re the type of person who eats blankets."

"It’s beautiful in the way that old ladies in Italy are beautiful."

Oh my, I missed your writing. So glad to have you back,

9:17 PM, December 01, 2009  
Blogger VoofaVoofa said...

"It’s what a security blanket might taste like, if you’re the type of person who eats blankets."

Damn, it's good to have you back.

9:19 PM, December 01, 2009  
Anonymous susan said...

And I'm not kidding around when I say it's nice to have you back.

6:29 AM, December 02, 2009  
Blogger Ann said...

I began reading your blog after finding your charming book in my culinary school library--just in time for you to be sucked into the black hole of starting a restaurant. (Been there, done that.) I was one of the many souls who were delighted to see that you are back to doing what gifts both you and the world.

Maybe we're cousins who never met. I, too, am a food-obsessed, word-mad, routine-loving Francophile. There were so many times, as I read your archives (in chronological order, of course) that I said to the screen "I do that, too!" Your story helped give me hope enough to lose my mind and begin my own little blog to follow my callings. Sometimes thinking just gets in the way.

Bon chance, mon amie inconnu.

8:00 AM, December 02, 2009  
Anonymous molly said...

Lucky day, lucky day! Welcome back. ~Molly

8:57 AM, December 02, 2009  
Anonymous madalina said...

Hey, you've hired a retired ballerina as a pantry cook! Forgive this old dancer's sense of humour, but let's hope Brandon keeps her on her toes!

11:34 AM, December 02, 2009  
Anonymous Isabelle said...

It is nice to have you back!

1:36 PM, December 02, 2009  
Blogger Heather said...

Right on! I love that you are passing along what can be done by others and getting back to what you alone can do, which is share your fantastic writing with the world.

I'm gonna get you to Hugo House one of these days! :-)

2:19 PM, December 02, 2009  
Blogger Adelaide said...

Wow, I had no idea how much I missed your blog until you came back! Welcome home!

7:11 PM, December 02, 2009  
Blogger jessicah said...

Hi Molly--delurking to say I was so excited to get back from Seattle today, and check my google reader for the first time all week, and have a new Orangette post!

Congrats on Delancey--we ate there Saturday night (and the leftovers were surprisingly good for breakfast on Sunday)!! It was one of my top 5 things to do in Seattle, and the food was as awesome as I was hoping. (And p.s. have you ever been in that Scandinavian store a couple of blocks south on 15th? We killed the 90 minute wait for our table by playing cards/listening to TERRIBLE Scandinavian Christmas carols there, it was HILARIOUS!)

Anyway, congrats on now having some time to step back a little bit and get back to writing, I've missed your posts!

7:25 PM, December 02, 2009  
Blogger Drew Perry said...


longtime listener, first time caller. so glad you're back, so glad you're writing again, so glad you're finding some way to tightrope between the restaurant and the blog.

can't wait to start not just cooking but reading these recipes again. congrats on delancey, and congrats on returning to running back into traffic.

8:59 PM, December 02, 2009  
Anonymous Sofía Vera said...

Hey Molly! I love your way of writing, it express yourself in every word and I think that´s the most important thing when we are doing this. Have a look in my blog... I know is spanish, but love for food has no boundries!!



12:43 PM, December 03, 2009  
Anonymous Juanita said...

Welcome back! Good to read you again.

1:53 PM, December 03, 2009  

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